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Post by Robin Jr. on Fri Mar 13, 2009 9:21 pm

It was a dark winter night, Gotham was asleep in they're nice warm beds...
but Bruce Wayne and Tim Drake were still out doing errands.

"this i taking too long" Tim complained. 'when is the doc gonna heal Al?"
Bruce was putting groceries into the limo. "soon, i hope."

Bruce got back into the car and put the key in the, well...key hole. i mean, what esec would you put in a keyhole?
while The prince of Gotham tried to start his car, 2 girls watched Tim from the rooftop o a building.
"yep, its him" one said. her eyes were brown and her hair was silky and black. "he's been all Wayne-afied, but its him"
the other girl stared at her, she had blue eyes and brown curly hair. "you've been tring to establish that fact for 4 months, Denise." she said. "and you've stated that already. 3 times!"

"i know, Miranda." Denise said. "but ever since he stopped running past my old apartment window with somebody chasing after him, i just kept trying to find him again"

"so you have a crush on him?" Miranda said.
"no." said Denise. she paused a moment. "not yet."

Miranda sighed and looked up into the sky as the batlight clinged itself onto a passing cloud.
Denise saw this to. she was stunned.

she turned around to see that Bruce and Tim had vanished.
"they're always in a hurry." she said. "its like i don't even know him anymore!"
"well, you really never DID know him" Miranda said with a smile.

"we were this close to having a relationship," said Denise. "but then he was taken in by that rich guy."
"maybe you don't kno him anymore" said Miranda. "maybe there's a whle other side of him you don't even know."

Denise smiled

"who exactly do you think he secretly is?" she asked with a smile. "The boy wonder?"
Within the batcave, the caped crusaders suited up.
Babara Gordan became Batgirl
Bruce Wayne became Batman
and last but not least, Tim came hoping thru the cave trying to get his Robin costume on. "Stupid Tights!" he said.

"you've got to wrk on that, Tim." Batman said.

Batman jumped into he front seat of the batmobile, Robin got in the back.
Barbara jumped onto a motorcycle, and they all drove out of the cave towards the police department.

at the police station, a 13-year-old girl was being questoned.
"what happned?" he asked to her.
"i can't remember." she said.

Comissioner Gordan looked at his watch.
"He should've been here by now" he said to himself.
"and we are here by now." said a voice.
Gordan turned around, there by the window, was Batman and Robin.

"can't you people ever go thru the door like normal people?" the girl asked.
"we could." Robin said. "but its cooler like this."

the girl rolled her eyes.
suddenly, a laugh wa heard from outside.
3 bombs flew ot from underneath the floors, and the girl slid down some floor that was dagling off the edge.
a little nail sicking out from the side grabbed her jacket, and she dangled 3 floors above ground.

"Robin" said Batman, "you're the only one who can get to her without making the whole platform fall over!"
Robin slowly walked towards the edge...slowly...slowly...slowly...
he reached out his hand for her, but her jacket ripped and she fell.


She laded in the back of a loading truck with a hole in the top-back.
on the front was a laughing clown, and a sexy jeser with a gun.

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Post by Robin Jr. on Wed Mar 25, 2009 10:57 am

The girl landed on top of the truck, and the Joker drove off.
Batman swung off after it.
Batgirl and Robin Jumped onto a rooftop and followed him.

The girl held on to the top of the truck, but she was slowly sliding off...
Harley Quin grabbed her gun and shot at Batman, he swung out of the way and she hit a window.

The girl started to panic.
"HELP!!!" she shouted. but it was too late.
she slid of the side of the truck, and Batman grabbed her.

Robin swung towards Batman and grabbed the girl.
Harley shot at her, and shot her hairpin right off.
(i have to get off)

Reverse-Robin Mjlqj5
nananananananananana BATMAN!!! nanananananana BATMAN!!!
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Robin Jr.

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