Tim the Babysitter-[Fanfic]

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Tim the Babysitter-[Fanfic] Empty Tim the Babysitter-[Fanfic]

Post by Robin Jr. on Thu Mar 26, 2009 8:06 pm

Alfred pulled into Wayne Manor's driveway just about at sunrise.
Barbara and Bruce got out of the back.
"How do you think it went with Tim and the kids?" asked Barbara.

"Probably just fine." said Bruce as he opened th door.
All of a sudden...Nathan, Jenny, and Brad all ran out the door screaming they're little heads off.

Tim ran to the door.
"YEAH SURE, RUN LIKE COWARDS!!!" he shouted.
Bruce walked into the living room, it was a mess.
Charlie was laying down on the couch reading war and peace.
"What happened?" askd Bruce.

Charlie looked up.
13 hours earlier...

Bruce wanted to have some time alone with Barbara and Alfred, and he needed to find somebody to watch Nathan, Jnny, and Brad.
"I'll do it." Tim said eagerly
"no, your too young." said Bruce.

"C'mon Bruce!" said Tim. "I'm not a kid anymore."
Barbara ran down the hall. "C'mon Bruce! i wanna get good seats at the concert!"

Bruce was getting pressured.
"Fine, alright. but don't..." he got down and looked into Tim's eyes. "...do what your thinking about doing."

Time crossed his figers and nodded his head.

Nathan sat on the couch watching TV.
Tim jumped onto it and mad him fall off.
"sorry." Tim said with a smile.

Tim grabbed the remote and changed the channel.
"hey, i was watching that!" said Nathan.
"Times change." said Tim.

Nathan walked over to Brad who was playing a portable video game.
"Turn the thing off, we're gonna get some cookies."
Brad put down the game and they went into the kitchen. Brad lifted Nathan onto the counter, and Nathan opened a cabinet and got out a package of cookies.

Nathan noticed a note for Tim on the counter, h picked it up, and got down of the counter.

"This is for you." said Nathan as he handed Tim the note. it was a list of chores.
her's what it said...

Dear Tim,
While we're gone i need you too...

Entertain the kids,

clean up a little,

make dinner,

tuck the kids in.


Tim at first grunted at the paper, then grinned at the first request.
"JENNY! NATHAN! BRAD!" he shouted.

Nathan and Brad were the first to arrive, followed by Jenny.
"Our scout call has recieved that all tennents are present, SIR!" said Brad.
Jenny and Nathan rolled they're eyes.

"I'm in charge for the rest of the night..." at this point, Nathan hid behind Jenny. "...so you have to obey MY rules." Tim said. then he handed Jeny the list.
"These are YOUR chores!" Jenny said angrilly.
"Not anymore." replied Tim.

Tim the Babysitter-[Fanfic] Mjlqj5
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Tim the Babysitter-[Fanfic] Empty Re: Tim the Babysitter-[Fanfic]

Post by Batboy on Mon Mar 30, 2009 4:59 pm

Razz good

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