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Robin's Night Out [small fanfic] Empty Robin's Night Out [small fanfic]

Post by Robin Jr. on Sun Mar 29, 2009 7:30 pm

A plant crashed upon a glass table that held 20 diomands.
Ivy Venom took them and rubbed them around her face.

"I'll be able to buy a lot of cloths with you, my baby." she said.

Temptation looked up at her with a frown.
"Is that all you think about??? cloths???"

"Cloths are very important." Ivy said. "If there wasn't any cloths we'd all be naked and..." her eyes wandered off into some sick dream world

Temptation rolled her eyes and looked at they're 6-yr-old aprentices, Baby Sally and Lil' Cutie.
"go on patroll!" she said.

Sally and Cutie walked over to the shelves of men's cloths.
Sally was armed with her Dolly, which was also a shotgun and a grapple hook.
Cutie was armed with his Steven the Sailor action figure, which was also a tazer and a knife.

"These places give me the creeps." said Cutie as he backed toward the jackets.
"I know, maybe this isn't our good gig we had in mind."

"I kn..." suddenly, and hand in a black glove grabbed Cutie by the mouth, and pulled him into the jackets.

"Cutie?" asked Sally in a frightened tone of voice.

She began to tremble, a teardrop slid down her face.
She dropped her doll and ran back screaming; "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!"

When she got to Ivy and Temptation, she had stopped crying.
"What is it?" asked Temptation.
"Cutie's gone!!! he was there one second, then the next second..." she began too cry again. "MY DOLLY! I LEFT MY DOLLY!!!"

Ivy dropped a diomand next to the child.
"here, you can buy more."

"BUT I DON'T WANNA 'NOTHER ONE!!!" said the little girl.

"Excuse me, but is this yours?" said something in the dark.

it sounded sarcastic and like it came from a boy.
"Who's there?" asked Ivy holding up her smoking stick.

Then, out of the shadows stepped Robin, the boy wonder.

Temptation's eyes first showed anger, then carelessness.
"Oh my, the fake cops are here."
Ivy smiled. "If only we had a way to escape."

Sally ran to the boy wonders side.
"DOLLY! DOLLY!!!" she said jumping up and down. "GIVE HER BACK!!!"

"Just give her back the doll, its out of bullets anyways." Ivy said.

Robin lowered the doll down to Sally, her eyes lit up and she hugged it.

Ivy fake-threw her stick at Robin, a small piece of ash landed in front of him.
then, a huge plant grew out of the ground and hung the buy wonder upside down.

Robin started to cut the plant with his batarang, the girls ran.

Ivy and Temptation ran towards the back of the store, while Molly ran back to the jackets.

"Cutie???" she shouted.
no reply.

she walked on.

no reply.

She walked on.


Sally ran into a bunch of cloths, half crying-half-smiling.
"Cutie??? If you can hear me say something!!!"

She ran into the jackets and sure enough, there with the bottom half of his body inside theline of jackets...
was Cutie.

He was tied up with a Rope that had a batarang at each end, and he was gagged by a scarf tightly rapped around his startled face.

Sally ran to his side and tried to untie the scarf so he could speak, but the knots were to tight.
she grabbed his action figure that was about 5 feet away from him and cut the knots.

"ITS A TRAP!" shouted Cutie when she un-gagged him.

Then, Robin jumped out of the cloths and tacked Molly.
they tumbled about 3 feet when Cutie got up and hopped toward the back of the building.

Sally struggled with all her might, fnally she grabbed Cutie's action figure and tazored Robin.
Ivy and Temptation ran towards they're getaway car, it was a loading truck.

Temptation ran to the car, Ivy looked at some cloths.
"will you hurry up???" said Temptation.

then, Cutie hopped toward the truck.
Temptation sht a bolt of fire at him and the ropes that bound him turned to ash.

"FREEDOM!!!" shouted Cutie as he jumped into the truck.
Sally ran as fast as she could into the truck and handed Cutie his action figure back.
"Hurry up Ivy!!!" shouted Temptation.

"COMING!" she replied.

she started to run, but then 2 batarangs with ropes attaching them wrapped around her legs and she fell to the ground.

Robin got down on his knees next to her and held her down, then he got his little Bat-hand cuffs out.
"Kiss this, Ivy." he said as he tried to cuff her.

then, Temptation shot a fire bolt at him and knocked him to the ground, Ivy got up, and Temptation tackled Robin.

"GO TEMPTY! GO!" shouted Sally and Cutie.

Ivy struggled to hop to the truck.
"whoever invented high heels obviosly did not enjoy jumping rope." she said while hopping.

She finally got to the truck.
"C'mon Tempt!" she shouted.

Temptation got off of Robin and ran to the truck.

"bye, bye my little birdie." said Temptation as she blew a kiss to the boy wonder.
Temptation threw some black powder onto the drivers seat and the truck drove itself off.

Temptation was sitting in the front passenger seat, Ivy was in a little section behind the drivers seat,
ans Sally and Cutie were in the back.

"Where too next?" asked Temptation
Sally andCutie were looking out a window in the back.
"Anywhere's fine with me." said Cutie. "As long as its away from HIM!"

Ivy and Temptation looked out thru the skylight and sure enough.....
Robin was swinging thru gotham chasing after them.

The girl's eyes turned wide.

Ivy threw her hands onto the streering wheel.
"quick! into the cloths store!!!"

she swisted the wheel and the truck rammed into the building door.

[i will edit this later]

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Robin's Night Out [small fanfic] Mjlqj5
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Robin's Night Out [small fanfic] Empty Re: Robin's Night Out [small fanfic]

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Razz good

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